Kindergarten 5K


5 Year Kindergarten


Bible is taught daily and includes Bible stories, memory verses, songs, and prayer. Students also attend Chapel once a week with guest speakers, movies, musical presentations, and class presentations. It is our desire for our students to grow spiritually as well as academically.


The kindergarten reading curriculum is phonetically based. Students begin by reviewing the sounds of vowels and consonants and progress to reading blends and words. The class is divided into groups in which students read a series of books that are suitable to their age level. Each time a student finishes a book they are able to take it home. Stories are also read to the class on a regular basis. Students will experience language through creating individual and group stories and books.


The writing curriculum makes writing easy for the children to learn. Students learn to make letter and number formations on special writing paper. The concept of “writing houses” helps in assisting the student to write. Knowing where each letter lives in the houses helps them to print correctly.


Students will learn to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100. They learn the value of numbers 1 to 100 and how to recognize them. Addition, subtraction, measurement, money, and time are taught using flash cards, visual aids, counters, clocks, coins, and many other hands-on manipulatives.


Spelling begins in the second semester of the school year. Spelling words consist of words that have phonetic rules that are being taught, as well as sight words and some number words.


Basic community roles and activities are explored during History class. Students learn what it is to be a part of and serve their community.


The science curriculum consists of lessons relating to the four seasons, weather, temperature, and much more. Students will learn how to appreciate God’s world.


The main objective for the kindergarten computer classes is to familiarize the students with the terms, proper care, and use of the computer. The five year old curriculum begins the students’ involvement in the integrating of technology into their curriculum through our School of Technology program. They use KidPix to work through several projects throughout the school year.


All kindergarten students attend art and music classes. In art, students are allowed to be creative with their cutting, pasting, coloring, and painting. These art experiences help in developing good eye-hand coordination. In music, the children express themselves with movement, rhythm instruments and the special songs they sing. They will learn songs that bring praise and worship to the Lord.

Physical Education

Students will have an opportunity to participate in fun physical activities. They will learn the basics of playing team sports while working on improving physical fitness. Special attention is given to proper stretching, warm-up, teamwork and good sportsmanship.


The main purpose of Spanish class is to familiarize students with listening and understanding basic conversational Spanish. Students are also told interactive stories and learn the basics of library procedures.