Elementary Grades 1-5


Elementary Grades 1-5

Our total program has been developed to provide your student with the best possible educational environment. Our curriculum is Biblically integrated and academically balanced with a consistent Christian emphasis.


Students will learn that they can find answers to life’s daily circumstances in the Word of God. Lessons focus on Biblical characters, the life of Christ, and the development of internal character. Scripture is committed to memory each week.


The primary goal of our reading program is to continue the development of each student’s reading skills and to further his/her progress in areas of comprehension and expression. The following skills are stressed: reading for detail, finding main ideas, reading of maps and charts, reviewing phonics, skimming, and dramatizing. Critical thinking skills are developed through different types of literature and assignments used in class. In addition to the reading curriculum, certain novels are incorporated into the class to further develop a love for reading. Students are encouraged to read with expression when reading orally. Comprehension is increased with the use of questions and teacher-led discussions.


Students practice correct letter formation, spacing, size, slant, and proportion as well as overall neatness and good appearance on a daily basis.


Our mathematics program is designed to provide an understanding of the number system and basic math operations, to develop speed and accuracy in computation as well as to strengthen ability in problem solving, and to promote enthusiasm in the study of mathematics. Elementary mathematics begins with the most basic mathematical processes of arithmetic. Students learn best when they proceed from the particular to the general, from the concrete to the abstract. Elementary arithmetic emphasizes the facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division that are in accord with the child’s stage of development and have immediate practice application.


All classroom material presents God as the Creator of our universe. Our goals are to stimulate investigative thinking through the teaching of organized subject matter and to develop a proper appreciation for the contributions of science to mankind. Science lessons are based on a Christian philosophy of science, offering a hands-on approach. The scientific method is emphasized through a broad range of topics.

History/Social Studies

The curriculum is presented based on the fact that the United States of America was founded upon Biblical principles. We consistently promote in our students the desire to remain true to those principles which have established religious and political freedom in our nation. Lessons reveal God’s dealings with men’s actions through time in all places. Topics include United States and World History, geography, economics, government, and culture.

Language Arts

Our basic purpose is to help our students use spoken and written English effectively and confidently in a wide variety of every day practical situations. Content study is organized into areas of grammar and related skills, practical communication and creative expression. Lessons teach the students to build sentences following sentence patterns. Emphasis on writing increases each year as the student develops.